Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day and Workers Without Bosses

May Day special coverage:

Tomorrow there is an FSRN May Day special. Just go to to download the program or play off of the KU Satellite feed during normal FSRN broadcasts.

Thursday, May 1, 2008: May Day Documentary Special

On a special May Day 2008 broadcast, we'll hear from worker's struggles around the world. We go to New York, where Abdulai Bah introduces us to domestic workers and day laborers asserting their rights and demanding justice. We'll hear from Rami Al-Meghari in Gaza,where worker's options are grim after the shutting down of nearly 4,000industries due to Israel's closure of the territory since June 2007.Garegin Khumaryan takes us to villages in Georgia where an entire generation of children have no idea what their fathers look like – as their fathers have had to leave to faraway lands to find work. Finally, Marie Trigona gives us a tour of one of Argentina's best-knownworker-run enterprises: theBAUEN Hotel in Buenos Aires.

Also you can read about the struggle of the BAUEN Hotel in a Znet commentary

Argentina's Recuperation Movement: The struggle to work without a boss continues
Who wants to work for a boss? I'm guessing that most people would say no.Since the birth of capitalism,workers' movements have pondered the utopian dream of liberating the working class from exploitive bosses.Argentina has been home to a phenomenon called recuperated enterprises.When the owner decided to shut down a factory or business, workers decided to save their jobs and physically occupy their workplace.Overtime the worker takeovers caught on. Today more than 200 worker run businesses are up and running. In the very heart of Argentina's capital Buenos Aires, workers at a 20story hotel are making this utopian dream a reality.

I hope everyone is well and in the streets on this very important May Day.

For an 8 hour work day!
Long live the Chicago Martyrs!

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