Friday, October 05, 2007

Propagandhi in Argentina

Punk rock gurus Propaghandhi played in Buenos Aires this week. I had the opportunity to interview the band and watch the show. I even got to take pictures! Check out the interview in November's issue of Z Magazine, soon forthcoming. Meanwhile, here are some of the pictures from the show.

The band embarked on their first tour through Latin America in October. While in Buenos Aires, Propagandhi stayed at the BAUEN Hotel, which has been under worker control for the past four years in the heart of the city. Enthusiastic about staying at the 19 story hotel with no boss or owner, they asked all kinds of questions about how the cooperative is organized: from how do they make decisions, how has the police reacted, how many patrons stay at the hotel because it functions as a cooperative. Many of the questions were rooted in their own experience self-managing a punk rock band and record label, G-7 welcoming committee.


Renegade Eye said...

I'm glad they stayed at the worker run hotel. The spirit of rock-n-roll is one of rebellion. It was the Devil's music.

When friends from South America, come to the USA, they go to the record shop, and pick up heavy metal and punk music. I'm the opposite, craving tango, flamenco, salsa etc.

Cipactlizin said...

yeah, this group sounds cool. i am a hip-hopper myself but good rock is always welcolm. Power to the People!!!

Ché Bob said...

I've also stayed in a cooperatively-run hotel in Venezuela. It felt good except the harsh realization that those working in it were very unlikely to ever be able to afford to stay in it! What to do?

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