Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Argentina's indigenous continue to struggle as country marks bi-centennial

Free Speech Radio News

Argentina celebrates the bicentennial of a revolution that paved the road to independence from Spain with the nation’s capital transformed into a gala event. But not everyone is celebrating. The nation’s indigenous people are calling attention to a legacy of invasion and displacement that continues to this day. FSRN’s Marie Trigona reports from Buenos Aires.


Maurício Boff said...

Dear Marie, I've listened to your audio report, and I liked it. I admire what I can call your concern about indigenous people. Then, I'd like to suggest you a story: the guarani's from Missiones (Argentina), Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) and Paraguay have strong difficulties to move where in not so ancient times was their land. There is a lack of an international agreement that would permit them to move! This is an old demand. I'm not sure how is it now, but maybe it could help you to dig another great story. Regards, Mauricio Boff.

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